Parallels Sphera SDL 4.1 UP 1 Service Packages Update 2 Release Notes


  1. Introduction
  2. System requirements
  3. Update Instructions
  4. What's New
  5. Contact Information

1. Introduction

This document describes Parallels Sphera SDL 4.1 UP 1 Service Packages Update 2 installation for Linux.

2. System requirements

This update is addressed to Sphera SDL 4.1 UP1. In order to apply Parallels Sphera SDL 4.1 UP 1 Service Packages Update 2, you must have an installed and properly configured Sphere SDL version 4.1 UP 1.

3. Update Instructions

Run the sd_rpm_manager tool to update RPM packages distributed to VDSes:

# <SDL_DIR>/bin/sd_rpm_manager --upgrade <RPM_NAME1_and_VERSION> [<RPM_NAME2_and_VERSION> ... <RPM_NAME{N}_and_VERSION>]


<SDL_DIR> - directory where SDL is installed. The directory is specified during Hosting Director installation. By default, it is /opt/hostdir.
<RPM_NAME{N}_and_VERSION> - RPM packages distributed to VDSes which you are updating. Please note, that you can specify both package name only and/or package name and version to update.

For example:

# /opt/hostdir/bin/sd_rpm_manager --upgrade bind-libs-9.2.4-30.el4_7.2 bind-utils-9.2.4-30.el4_7.2

For the details on what packages were updated please refer to the What's New section

4. What's New

RPM packages updated:

5. Contact Information

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Fax: +1 (425) 282 6444


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