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General consolidation that includes the consolidation of legacy applications and commodity workloads, are essential but may be costly if done incorrectly. By consolidating these systems onto fewer hardware resources, organizations can expect to reduce the costs of keeping them running while improving service levels.

Legacy Consolidation
Many organizations have older application (legacy) running on older hardware. These applications and the hardware that they run on are expensive to manage and maintain because:
  • The cost to support non-standard hardware is higher
  • Increased security threat from running non-standard configurations
  • Utilization of legacy applications is generally lower
  • Older applications typically halt OS level progression and therefore are running on older OSes with varying service patches and configurations
  • Power consumption and hardware maintenance for older hardware is generally higher

To address these issues, many companies consolidate underutilized legacy applications on to newer standard hardware configurations. This results in greater security and lower ongoing maintenance and operations costs.

Commodity Workload Consolidation

Commodity workloads are the underlying fabric of any IT organization. Commodity workloads include the day-to-day applications that are essential to running of any company including file and print, intranet or departmental applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and even some external web applications.

These workloads are essential for organizations to function, and thus each group or department fills the need to ensure that they deliver these services to their employees. However, these typically leverage only a fraction of the server resources and thus create pools underutilized servers.

Server consolidation with Parallels’ virtualization solutions is ideal for ensuring that groups and departments get the services and flexibility they need at the lowest possible cost.

Parallels delivers a range of products for general consolidation initiatives based on each organization’s specific needs and requirements.

Parallels Server Bare Metal - Effective consolidation at commodity prices

Parallels Server Bare Metal is a powerful & proven hypervisor leveraging the award winning technologies of Parallels FastLane architecture running on 2 million computers today. Parallels Server Bare Metal is a unified solution with options for both small businesses and corporate IT data centers.

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Parallels Virtuozzo Containers – The #1 solution for web consolidation

No one runs more web servers than web hosting service providers. Web workloads require quick deployment, non-stop availability and the ability to address fluctuating demands. For fast deployment, load balanced workloads, high availability and optimal service levels with live migration, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers is their leading virtualization solution. Parallels Virtuozzo Containers enables organizations to consolidate existing Windows and Linux systems and streamline their IT infrastructures.

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Parallels Virtuozzo Containers with Parallels Automation – High performance web virtualization

With 100s to 1,000s of physical servers for web hosting, serving millions of customers around the world, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers delivers the highest density for web application with the best manageability and cost. Used in combination with Parallels Automation, customers can deliver a cost-effective virtualized web infrastructure.

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For IT

Consolidate underutilized and legacy workloads onto fewer physical machines, which enables more efficient management, reduced hardware and maintenance costs, and reduced resource consumption. More easily manage up to 1,000s of servers and applications while controlling IT costs and maximizing resources.

For the Organization

Organization seeking to effectively control their IT budget while ensuring optimal service levels can look to Parallels virtualization solutions to help get to this goal. With solutions that are trusted by the world’s leading service providers, Parallels virtualization solutions can effectively address the needs of organization of all sizes.


White Paper: Green Computing
This paper explores how server virtualization can help data center managers reduce energy consumption by consolidating existing underutilized servers.

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