Parallels Server for Mac 4.0

Protect your software investment with a Parallels Maintenance Plan
Parallels recognizes that customers want to realize savings extend the value of their IT department. Take advantage of the Parallels Enterprise Maintenance Plan, a comprehensive list of exclusive program benefits that will help your IT department accelerate business unit performance, increase worker productivity and realize a quicker return on your technology investments — without adding costs.

Parallels Enterprise Maintenance Plan
Get the most value out of your technology investments. Businesses can add a maintenance plan at the time of their purchase to immediately begin using program benefits for the entire term of your license agreement. The maintenance plan may also be obtained by customers with lapsed contracts by either renewing or paying a per-incident fee.

Participation in a maintenance plan entitles the technology users to:

  • Free upgrade rights to newer versions of software when they become available
  • Product training resources
  • Priority technical support plan
  • Notification of product fixes

Select between two maintenance plans — Gold and Platinum — based on your individual technology needs.

Maintenance Levels
Software Upgrade*
Phone Support
Website Support
Supported Request
Unlimited Unlimited
Coverage Hours Business hours
(Dependent on location)
Severity 1: 24x7x365 support
Other severity: Business hour coverage (dependent on location)
Response Time Severity 1: Within 4 hrs.¹
Severity 2: Within 8 hrs.²
All other severities: Within 1 Business Day
Severity 1: Within 2 hrs.¹
Severity 2: Within 4 hrs.²
Severity 3: Within 8 hrs.³
Severity 4: Within 1 Business Day 4
  Response times are listed during business hours of operation. Response times are listed during business hours of operation.
Resolution of Fixes
Customer will be notified when a fix or interim patch is available. (Issue will be open or listed as a known problem until a fix is released). Customer will be notified when a fix or interim patch is available. (Issue will be open or listed as a known problem until a fix is released).

¹ Severity 1 applies to any issue that prevents installation and operation of software due to a problem with the license key, or after the software is installed, results in enterprise-wide failure of the physical machine on which the software is installed. It also applies to a situation that renders any business-critical application unusable (i.e. unable to boot from the server, or data that is unrecoverable, corrupt or lost) and no workaround is available.
² Severity 2 applies to any issue that prohibits installation or functionality a feature from working, resulting in restricted use of the software. A temporary workaround may be available while Parallels resolves the issue.
³ Severity 3 applies to any issue that involves partial, non-critical loss of functionality of the software, or impairs some operations yet allows the customer to continue using the software.
4 Severity 4 applies to any cosmetic issue, such as general usage questions, errors in the documentation and recommendations for product enhancements or modifications.

* Upgrades
“Upgrades” include any ‘major product upgrade’ (e.g., version 1.0 to 2.0), ‘minor product upgrade’ (e.g., 2.0 to 2.1), and ‘maintenance upgrade’ (e.g., version 2.01 to 2.01a). Upgrades do not include (a) products that are not direct successor products, (b) extensions, add-ons and accessory products or (c) pre-release or ‘beta’ version products. There is no guarantee that a certain number of Upgrades, or any Upgrades, will be released during the Maintenance Term. Public or private statements, whether written or oral, cannot serve as a basis for expecting Upgrades at any time.

Maintenance Term
The maintenance period lasts 12-month and may be renewed up to a maximum of three years. The end-date of the maintenance period varies based on the individual terms of the license agreement. The maintenance plan may also be renewed by customers with lapsed maintenance contracts.

How to Get Maintenance
Customers can purchase maintenance through any authorized resellers or directly from Parallels. Please contact your local reseller or Parallels sales representative.

To find out more about this program or to speak with an account executive about volume licensing, please contact us at (425) 282-6400 or we’ll contact you.

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