Parallels Plesk Automation System Requirements

Parallels Plesk Automation can be deployed on a wide variety of hardware. The Deployment Guide will help you rapidly deploy and quickly realize all the scalability benefits of Parallels Plesk Automation.

  • RHEL 6.4 (x86-64) or later *
  • CentOS 6.4 (x86-64) or later *

* Parallels Plesk Automation does not support kernels with the grsecurity components.


2-core (3GHz or higher recommended)


4GB minimum

Disk space

At least 10 GB free. Disk partitioning should be as follows:

  • / - 5120 MB
  • /usr/local - 2048 MB *
  • /var - the rest of the space (3072 MB) **

At least 150 GB free. Disk partitioning should be as follows:

  • / - 10 GB or more
  • /usr/local - 120 GB or more *
  • /var - the rest of the space (20 GB) **

* The /usr/local directory, among other things, is used to store unpacked installation files of APS apps installed by hosting customers. Ensure /usr/local has enough disk space, if you expect your customers to install various APS apps.

** If you want to host customer websites on your management node, /var should have additional free disk space.

Open TCP ports
(Parallels Plesk Automation -specific)
  • 8880: HTTP access to Parallels Plesk Automation
  • 8443: HTTPS access to Parallels Plesk Automation
  • 80, 8352, 8440: Connections between the Administration Panel and service nodes
  • 12443, 10001: The Hosting Panel web server
  • 8354, 8356, 8360, 8362, 8364, 8412, 8490, 8532: Various purposes

Optional Service Node Requirements

Document NameFormat
Apache Web Server Node HTML
IIS Web Server Node HTML
Postfix Mail Server Node HTML
SmarterMail Mail Server Node HTML
External Mail Server Node HTML
Webmail Server Node HTML
Database Server Node HTML
DNS Server Node HTML
Backup Server Node HTML

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