Billing Options

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing Module (US/Canada)

Parallels Plesk Automation Billing is a highly integrated complete billing and business support module for Parallels Plesk Automation. It simplifies the full life cycle of a hosting business, including ordering; account management; recurring, usage-based, and one-time billing; invoicing; and more. Whether your customers are creating or upgrading website accounts, or registering domain names, Parallels Plesk Automation Billing handles the task automatically, with zero manual effort on your part. By fully automating and streamlining your hosting operation, Parallels Plesk Automation Billing module helps you reduce costs and increase profits while creating a growth path to a telco-grade Parallels Automation infrastructure.

Parallels Business Automation Standard (Europe/APAC)

Parallels Business Automation Standard is the industry’s leading, billing and hosting automation solution for managing and scaling small and medium web hosting businesses. It helps you maximize your revenues; lets you offer a full range of hosting services and enables you to build your reseller channels.


The PPA WHMCS integration module allows you integrate Parallels Plesk Automation with your existing WHMCS billing software and provide a seamless and consistent user experience to your customers.

Your Existing Billing System

You may continue using your own billing/ordering systems via a single point of open API integration. Learn how to integrate your billing solution with Parallels Plesk Automation.

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