Parallels Hypervisor

Parallels Hypervisor gives you the flexibility to create virtual machines for customers who prefer to deploy and maintain a variety of operating systems.  Delivering both operating system and hardware virtualization technologies in a single solution provides you the freedom to choose the most efficient technology needed for each virtual server. 

  • Bare metal install streamlines server deployment
  • Highly scalable hypervisor architecture for intensive applications
  • Operating system flexibility
  • Rebootless updates for improved availability

Learn more about all the new virtualization features and benefits in Parallels Cloud Server.

Hypervisor virtualization optimized for cloud services

  • Deliver large virtual machines up to 128 GB RAM, 32 vCPUs and 5 TB storage per VM
  • Easily re-size virtual machines with online grow/shrink of RAM and disk space
  • Fast recovery from hardware failures with hotplug of vCPU and memory
  • Rebootless upgrade eliminates service outages for end users during system upgrades

Streamlined Operations

  • Support for virtual machine snapshots and live migration
  • Centralized management of physical and virtual environments in a single console with Parallels Virtual Automation
  • Virtual machine templates make the deployment of new servers fast and easy.

Cost Effective

Deploy containers and hypervisors on the same physical server, maximizing hardware efficiency and minimizing maintenance costs.

New features and improvements:

Support for Parallels Cloud Storage 
  • Eliminate VPS downtime due to hardware failures 
  • Zero downtime server migration and non-disruptive replication
  • Deliver high availability cloud servers
Rebootless updates

Eliminates service outages for end users during system updates

Updates with yum

The vzup2date utility has been replaced with the standard yum utility, greatly simplifying the procedure of updating all components of your system.

Increased virtual machines limits

Create virtual machines with up to 32 CPU cores, 128 GB of RAM, and 5 TB of virtual disk space.

Support for Open vSwitch

Support for Open vSwitch, a multi-layer software network switch that functions as a virtual switch, prividing virtual machines with network connectivity

CPU identification masks for virtual machines

Controls the CPU features available to virtual machines enabling live migration between servers with different CPU feature sets

Crypted password for virtual machines

Enables an encrypted password for end users during virtual machine provisioning

Resize disks of Linux virtual machines with LVM inside

Allows easy management of LVM


Built for delivering profitable cloud services
  • Advanced Resource Management provides the controls necessary to support multiple VPS and Cloud server packages at varying levels of CPU, memory, disk I/O and storage space.
  • On-the-fly virtual environment elasticity enables flexibility for customers and ease of upgrading for service providers.
  • Immediate provisioning and activation provides the fastest availability time for new VPS and Cloud server subscriptions, allowing your customers to add new services instantly.
  • Comprehensive integration capabilities for third party systems are enabled with command line and API interfaces thus simplifying the complete automation of delivering and billing for services.
  • Performance and resource isolation enable service providers to guarantee SLAs and provide highly reliable and secure virtual servers.
  • Flexible management options reduce administration and support costs by simplifying day to day operations, automating routine tasks and providing customers with self service capabilities.
Streamlining day to day operations
  • Mass management and task automation simplify the day-to-day administration and greatly increase the number of physical nodes and virtual servers each administrator can manage.
  • Live migration enables administrators to moves an entire virtual server between physical nodes without disrupting applications or users. Can perform live migration across different geographical locations if this is supported by the network infrastructure.
  • Multi-platform support for both Windows and Linux servers with a set of common management tools.
  • Complete set of management tools The widest set of tools for both Service Providers and customers, making it the best virtualization solution for mass hosting of VPSs. Parallels Cloud Server tools enable management, monitoring, backup, restore, troubleshooting, recovery, provisioning and deployment. Learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1.
    What is the difference between containers and hypervisors?

    Two types of virtualization in use today include hardware virtualization (generally known as hypervisors) and operating system virtualization (commonly referred to as containers).

    • Hypervisor Virtualization
      Replicates system resources on all virtual servers. Multiple copies of system resources, however, results in overhead on the server of up to 20%. Overhead reduces the ratios of virtual servers per physical server as well as overall system performance.
    • Operating System Virtualization
      By virtualizing at the host operating system, Parallels Containers provides a common virtualization layer that allocates system resources across all virtual servers, called containers. The result is a leaner, more efficient virtualization layer with an overhead of only 2%. This translates into higher ratios of virtual servers to physical servers, near-native server performance and unique advantages for management of the virtual environment.

    Learn more about the container and hypervisor technology included in Parallels Cloud Server.

  2. 2.
    Can I deploy hypervisors and containers on the same physical node?

    Yes. Parallels Cloud Server allows you to specify the number of hypervisors and containers that you can deploy on the hardware node.

  3. 3.
    Can I deploy Windows VPS offerings using Parallels Hypervisor?

    Yes. Parallels Cloud Server allows you to deploy Windows within the hypervisor enabling Windows VPS offerings that can leverage the high reliability enabled with Parallels Cloud Server.

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