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Microsoft Office 365 Syndication

Parallels Automation uses its SaaS Services Module to automate delivery, provisioning, and billing of the Microsoft Office 365. This new Parallels offering, backed by years of success in helping Microsoft partners derive profit from the cloud, is the fastest way for Microsoft service providers to bring this profitable new service to market.

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The fastest way to deliver Office 365 service bundles

Are you a Microsoft Office 365 Syndication partner? Now you can take advantage of the integration between Parallels Automation and Microsoft Office 365 to automatically provision and manage Microsoft cloud services, whether you are a communications service provider or other type of solution provider partnering with Microsoft.

By using Parallels Automation to deliver syndicated Office 365 to your customers, you gain the ability to:

  • Rapidly launch syndicated Office 365 services — in weeks rather than the quarters
    needed to spin up a new development project
  • Leverage open APIs to integrate with existing OSS and BSS systems
  • Reduce your risk by partnering with the market leader and strategic Microsoft partner
  • Easily bundle additional cloud services, such as backup, security, domains, and VPS

Key capabilities

  • Out of the box Office 365 integration co-developed with Microsoft
  • The fastest way to deploy Office 365 Syndication
  • Ability to rapidly deliver future Office 365 services without coding (e.g. Intune)
  • Parallels has years of experience with custom deployments specifically with cloud service providers
  • Hundreds of out of the box cloud services can be hosted or syndicated

Delivering an integrated solution to enable new services

Parallels, a Managed Microsoft Global ISV Partner and Gold Certified Partner, supports ordering, provisioning, and billing of hundreds of cloud services, providing service providers, administrators, and end users with thousands of time-saving features. Building on our long-term relationship with Microsoft, we have created an integrated solution to help service providers quickly bring the new Office 365 services to market.

Our solution includes Parallels Automation software and built-in support for Microsoft Business Productivity Online Standard Suite. By using Parallels Automation software, you can create and deploy Office 365 packages quickly and reliably — and reduce time to market from many months to a few weeks.

Microsoft Office 365 syndication is limited to service providers contracted with Microsoft to syndicate the service. This integrated automation is available to Microsoft Partners that are approved by, and participating in, the Microsoft Office 365 Syndication program. If you would like to deliver these services but are not participating in this Microsoft program, please contact us to discuss alternative means of rapidly and profitably delivering Microsoft cloud services to your customers.

Improve existing services

The integrated solution from Parallels and Microsoft enables you to increase profits by cross-selling and up-selling services that are in high demand from small business. With Parallels Automation’s maturity and scalability, you can rapidly complete large-scale Office 365 roll-outs — and with the software’s flexibility, you’ll be able to tailor the customer experience to meet your business needs.

How it works

Parallels worked closely with Microsoft to develop a deployment integration using the Parallels Automation SaaS Service Module — which delivers Office 365 as it does other SaaS services. You can bundle the Office 365 services with other cloud services you offer. The end customer purchases the service from you and is billed by you. Although the Office 365 services are hosted in Microsoft’s data centers, other services you choose to include in the bundle may be hosted by you or syndicated from other sources. With Parallels Automation managing the delivery and billing of the services you market, your customers receive unified bills from you. As far as your customers are concerned, they are purchasing the services from you — their trusted Microsoft Partner service provider.

A general Office 365 Syndication scenario

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