Parallels Business Automation

Automate billing system management

Parallels Business Automation is a complete business support system for cloud services. Using automation, it simplifies the full life cycle of cloud-based business services, including ordering; account management; recurring, usage-based, and one-time billing; invoicing; and more. By streamlining your cloud-based business services, Parallels Business Automation helps you reduce costs and increase profits.

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  • Hosting Service Providers

    Deploy or expand cloud services offerings

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  • VARs & Distributors

    Aggregate services and set up reseller programs

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  • Communication Service Providers

    Deploy or expand cloud services offerings

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  • ISVs and Developers

    Package and deliver applications as SaaS

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Deliver a full set of cloud services while reducing costs

A flexible, scalable business automation system will help you offer and deliver cloud services with maximum efficiency. Parallels Business Automation gives you all the capabilities you need, enabling you to automate your billing system to work the way you want it to and providing you with a wide range of options for supporting your resellers. The system also comes with full-featured, customizable control panels that simplify administration and enable resellers, businesses that use your services, and end users to handle many tasks themselves.

Automate billing and Integrate it with existing systems

Parallels Business Automation gives you the flexibility to bill for any product, service, or resource on a one-time, recurring, or usage basis. You can set up a customized online store; create promotions, discounts, and campaigns that can be easily integrated with your online store; enforce early termination fees; and auto-renew customers based on their initial term. In addition, you can easily integrate Parallels Business Automation with your existing systems, such as customized billing solutions. You can even design your own customized order workflows, build and customize shopping cart functionality, customize fraud detection, and accept nearly any form of payment—all without the burden of in-house development or maintenance.

Build a white-label reseller channel

Parallels Business Automation supports unlimited hierarchical resellers and sub-resellers with white-label capabilities. It also simplifies the task of managing the VARs enrolled in your reseller program. With support for three reseller models — customized, fixed-resource, and combined — it provides a wide range of options for the services your resellers offer as well as the reseller models you use. This flexibility, combined with the system’s full-featured automation and management capabilities, lets you rapidly scale your reseller business.

Provide ease of use and self-service with a full set of control panels

Parallels Business Automation includes several multi-level control panels—for the service provider, the reseller, the customer administrator, and the end user. The Service Provider Control Panel makes it easy to create and administer service plans, manage accounts and resellers, offer new services, and create marketing promotions. The Reseller Control Panel provides the exact same functionality— but only for the customers and services specific to that reseller. The Administrator Control Panel enables each business that uses your services to manage its own users, roles, permissions, and settings. The End-User Control Panel, available in multiple languages, provides an easy way for end users to manage their accounts, permissions, domains, payments, and other aspects of the applications and services they use.

Parallels Automation will allow us to improve user experience whilst streamlining our internal processes and offering more flexible opportunities to resellers. This is a very important strategic move that puts Cobweb in a perfect position to maximize the interest in and growth of cloud computing and solution services.     

— Dan Germain, CTO, Cobweb Solutions

What does Parallels Automation include?

Parallels Business Automation is a complete billing and business support system (BSS) designed for the unique needs of service providers. A distributed, modular, multi-tier business automation software platform, it can scale to millions of customer accounts, is customizable on all levels, can be extended with customer modules, and will easily integrate with your existing software systems. It includes several plug-in modules — for worldwide domain registrars, payment processors and fraud — which speed time to market while freeing you from the ongoing maintenance required by in-house solutions. Parallels Business Automation can be used independently or tightly integrated with Parallels Operations Automation for a complete cloud services delivery system.

Parallels Automation functional blocks diagram

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