Download Parallels Sphera solution

Parallels Sphera is a scalable multi-server hosting automation solution. It provides variety services such as web hosting, mail hosting, database hosting on both linux and windows based environments.

Following downloads are intended for existing Sphera customers and require a valid username/password to be able to download the product components, in case that you require more information about Sphera product, please contact us.

Distribution Components

Datacenter Manager
DCM 4.2 installation
MD5: 6f2fa978f516d535c40f4b3511427238
DCM 4.2 Upgrade package
MD5: 39b78b8b39e3454bdd8dd24b14344aa0
DCM 4.2 Release Notes
MD5: 3bccc31836483fa9f75be8a291a2ec6b
Server Director Linux
Server Director Linux 4.1 Installation
MD5: 6ad452c964fe011f254cfb37d89ac228
Server Director Linux 4.1 SNMP package
MD5: 60c4cf42e35b9ee16bf9a35dd14cb458
Server Director Linux 4.1 Backup & Restore package
MD5: 7da894eb6ade68188c2197e88ac01257
Domain Director Installation
MD5: b6a8d9fd116f265268f826fb74780653
Server Director Linux 4.1 Release notes
MD5: 9f55e00a49dabbbe2e692095d131367f
Server Director Windows
Server Director for Windows 4.0 Installation
MD5: 5969c40f493538dee57e040e9b9bcbf5
Server Director for Windows 4.0 Release notes
MD5: 944a1a03513d28029764464d0d4b3f37
Latest Patches/Hot Fixes
SDL 4.1 UP 1 Service Packages Update 3 Release Notes
SDL 4.1 UP 1 Service Packages Update 2 Release Notes
DCM 4.2 HotFix1
MD5: 956fe46e7acda30143ff47e178e51d83
SDL 4.1 HotFix1
MD5: bd8a2462cfb966e2214ad160aa7498c6
DCM 4.2 HotFix1 Release Notes
SDL 4.1 UP 1 Hotfix 2 Release Notes
SDL 4.1 HotFix1 Release Notes
SDL 4.1 Bind update Release Notes
Virtualização de desktop
- Parallels Desktop 9 para Mac
- Parallels Transporter
- Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition
Virtualização de servidores
- Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal
- Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
- Parallels Operations Automation
- Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
- Parallels Business Automation
- Parallels Business Automation Standard
- Parallels Virtual Automation
- Parallels Plesk Panel Suite
- Parallels Small Business Panel
- Parallels Domain/SSL Reseller Program
Services & Resources
- Cloud Acceleration Services
- Professional Services
- Support Services
- Training & Certification