Download Parallels Server Bare Metal

Server Bare Metal

A powerful and easy-to-use hypervisor-based virtualization solution for Bare Metal systems.

Build: 1159-13321 (Mar 3, 2012)
Package: ISO (1.7GB)
MD5: 25426b2f2704c33266297be3ebd980b9

Parallels Server is a hypervisor solution that helps organizations of all sizes reduce the costs and complexities of IT infrastructures.

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Additional Downloads

Parallels Management Console for Windows (49MB)

md5: b34ac2ed7014f82f391d9ea62df7ebf6

Parallels Management Console for Linux (54MB)

md5: dc7385fba1fa161bfa99b2d6e5905bf1

Parallels Virtualization SDK for Windows (18MB)

md5: e91f69f563b353efa225833f86c66972

Parallels Virtualization SDK for Linux (32MB)

md5: 1b970d5d33f5e5be917a20569edbc7bc

Parallels Transporter Agent for Windows (46MB)

md5: 4be6fee6ac26f303ec732fb466406696

Parallels Transporter Agent for Linux 32-bit (41MB)

md5: 709e807bc7215dfdab70035dfe955d2d

Parallels Transporter Agent for Linux 64-bit (41MB)

md5: df8d0c6a3943e7386d5c6e6b8b259e7b

Parallels Transporter for Containers for Windows (13MB)

md5: 9bc583ffc74739ade0b0a3098c2270e6

Parallels Transporter for Containers for Linux (10MB)

md5: b6f400dc027f67f1619a82357d3de819
Virtualização de desktop
- Parallels Desktop 9 para Mac
- Parallels Transporter
- Parallels Desktop Switch to Mac Edition
Virtualização de servidores
- Parallels Server 4 Bare Metal
- Parallels Virtuozzo Containers
- Parallels Operations Automation
- Parallels Automation for Cloud Infrastructure
- Parallels Business Automation
- Parallels Business Automation Standard
- Parallels Virtual Automation
- Parallels Plesk Panel Suite
- Parallels Small Business Panel
- Parallels Domain/SSL Reseller Program
Services & Resources
- Cloud Acceleration Services
- Professional Services
- Support Services
- Training & Certification