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It's easy to deploy Parallels Web Presence Builder and start including it with your hosting plans.


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Parallels Web Presence Builder is available for

  • Parallels Plesk Panel
  • Parallels Plesk Automation
  • Parallels Automation
  • cPanel
  • Standalone for other panels, billing platforms and business systems

Our installation guides and other documentation will guide you through the deployment process.


Web Presence Builder is the easiest way for your customers to create professional-looking websites—and it’s also a great way for you to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Here are five reasons why:

  • Ease of use means “sticky” customers. With the high cost of customer acquisition, the only way to make a profit is to keep customers once you get them. But a lot of customers who sign up for Web hosting give up before they finish their site, and then they cancel their hosting account. That won’t happen with Web Presence Builder. It offers editable topics with complete content—none of that “lorem ipsum” filler text that your customers have to remember to fully erase (or risk embarrassment when their customers come across it). These topics, plus drag-and-drop connectivity to outside services (such as social networks and shopping carts) make Web Presence Builder so simple to use that your customers will find it easy to create polished websites that will enhance their image and bring them more business.

  • No need to start with a sitemap. Most website tools are structured so that customers have to build a complete site structure before they can create or edit any content. But small business owners aren’t professional Web designers, and many of them simply aren’t able to envision their complete website at the outset. They need a product that lets them just jump in and start writing or editing. Web Presence Builder does exactly that, enabling them to select whatever menus they need as they go along.  That, plus its built-in, customizable topics, will make it easy for your customers to get started—and to complete professional-looking websites in record time.

  • Ability to add great features without scripting. Small business customers typically lack the techni­cal know-how to add complex scripts and applications to their sites. With Web Presence Builder, they won’t need to. Drag-and-drop modules make it easy to add features ranging from video and e‑commerce to custom search capabilities and links for sharing content with social network sites.

  • Integration with other Parallels products. Web Presence Builder is fully integrated with Parallels Plesk Panel. That gives your customers the convenience of easy access from their panel page, plus automatic population of key website fields with panel data, while giving you the convenience of automated billing.

  • Lead with free business websites and turn triers to buyers. Attract new customers with free, easy-to-build business websites then automatically convert them to paid monthly hosting when premium features are selected.  Using WHMCS or your own integration, you can automate the upsell process – including domain registration – and on-board new customers with a competitive offer.  Shared hosters have flexibility in defining trial parameters and conversion triggers.

As a hoster, you have a choice of how to deploy Web Presence Builder. You can either sell access to it as a service, or bundle it with your hosting service as a way to further differentiate your services from the competition. Either way, it will boost your bottom line. It even comes with a topic for hosters, if you’d like to use the product yourself.

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