Download and Install Parallels Plesk Automation

1. Get a Free 90-Day Parallels Plesk Automation Trial License

Parallels Plesk Automation can be deployed and licensed in one of two-scenarios. For evaluation purposes, Parallels is making a 90-day trial license available for free.

The 90 days trial license will enable you to deploy the Parallels Plesk Automation Management Node with up to 25 websites across your Parallels Plesk Automation server cluster. No additional licenses are required for web or email nodes. You will also receive 90 days Parallels Plesk Automation Billing trial license for up to 25 accounts.

To get your trial licenses, click the button and complete and submit the form. You will receive response from us with trial keys and links to deployment resources within 24 hours.


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2. Download Parallels Plesk Automation code

To download Parallels Plesk Automation installer, use the following command:
[root@server /]# wget
[root@server /]# chmod +x ppa_installer

3. Install Parallels Plesk Automation

If your server has only one IP recognized by 'hostname -i' command, you can run installation as follows:
[root@server /]# ./ppa_installer --password <admin user password> --admin_email <admin user email>

If your server has more than one IP address or if 'hostname-i' does not resolve into the desired IP, use the full command format:
[root@server /]# ./ppa_installer --password <admin user password> --admin_email <admin user email> --ip <management node IP>

It is also advised to use different interfaces for external access and internal inter-nodes communications. For such configuration you should indicate both IP addresses in the installation command:
[root@server /]# ./ppa_installer --password <admin user password> --admin_email <admin user email> --ip <management node IP> --communication_ip <IP for service nodes communications>

After installation you can login into the Administration panel using the URL https://<IP>:8443, user “admin” and the password you selected in the installation command.

4. Install migration tools

To install migration tools use the following commands:
[root@server /]# wget
[root@server /]# chmod +x
[root@server /]#./

Refer to the documentation how to use migration tools Download PDF.

Parallels Plesk Automation Upgrades

The system distinguishes updates of the current version and upgrades to the next version. Refer to the Release Notes page to learn about the latest releases and updates:

To upgrade the system from version 11.1 to version 11.5, download the new upgrade script and then execute the upgrade command:
[root@server /]# wget
[root@server /]# chmod +x ppa_upgrade
[root@server /]# ./ppa_upgrade --upgrade

To run an update for the current version, execute the command:
[root@server /]# /usr/local/ppa/bin/ppa_update –install-updates

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